Nye Phone web and the Nye Phone desktop toolbar doesn't work when you're using a VPN or remote desktop service to connect to your practice from home. But never fear - you can still use Nye!

You need an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop and a stable internet or mobile data connection. From there:

  • Open weare.nye.health using Safari for iOS devices or Chrome for Android devices.

  • Log in using your Nye account email address and password

  • Confirm your audio and visual preferences

  • Type in your patient's telephone number on the call page

  • Click Call, Video or Invite to Video

One thing you won't need is the Nye Health app. It is for patients only and enables them to receive video calls from a clinician.

Blythe Wilkinson, a former GP Partner and a member of our team, has written about some top tips which will help you get set up to work from home:

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