It pains me to say that a handful of users reported an issue with the latest Nye Phone desktop version 2.5.4 that we announced on Friday. It was shared with a limited number of practices that supported Nye early on to get your thoughts.

While we also have reports of clinicians and staff members who are able to make successful calls, we want to prevent this from impacting anyone else. We are truly sorry for the confusing message as we know you've been waiting for and excited about improvements to the current version.

What we have learned so far

When an impacted clinician or staff member tries to make a call, Nye Phone desktop 2.5.4 gets stuck on initialising and prevents from making a call. Our initial investigating has determined that it is a network issue. We are looking into it further and will follow up with an update within the next few days.

What this means for you

If you clicked on this link to download the latest version and saw this message then no action required. You're using Nye Phone desktop 2.1.1 which is not impacted.

If you or a team member downloaded Nye Phone desktop 2.5.4 and are experiencing an issue then please uninstall it and redownload the older version. We would also love to hear from you so drop us a note at

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