What are linkage codes?

Linkage codes (also called linkage keys) are 3 codes that the NHS uses to protect your GP medical record and keep it secure for you. You can use these codes to access your GP medical record online and via the Nye Health App.

(You can also access your GP medical record, without having to contact your practice, by using your NHS login - find out more about NHS login here.)

How do I get my linkage codes?

You will need to contact your GP practice and ask for access to “online services”. You will also need to state that you would like them to send you your “3 linkage keys”.

Each GP practice manages these requests a little differently. Some prefer you to complete a request form online, via their website. Others prefer you to email or to telephone.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, please do not visit your practice in person unless instructed to.

We found the simplest way to get these codes is by emailing. Below, we've included a template email you can use to request yours.

What to do once I have my codes

In order to use your codes to view your medical record, you'll need to download Nye Health from the App Store and sign up. You'll then be given the option to link your medical record using your linkage codes or by using your NHS Login. If you have your codes, you can select that option and add them to your account.

Template email request


I would like to register for online services. Could you please send me my 3 linkage keys?

I will be accessing my record through the Nye Health app so can you please enable my detailed coded record for allergies, medication, laboratory test results, immunisations and problems?

My details are as follows:

  • Name:

  • Date of birth:

  • Address:

Best wishes,

How will I receive my codes?

Once you have requested online services, your practice will send you a letter or email with your codes. You should have the following 3 codes:

  • Linkage key or passphrase

  • ODS code or practice ID

  • Account ID

They'll be in a box that looks like this:

You may already have your codes

If you have accessed online services previously, such as repeat prescription ordering online, you will have already received these codes by letter or email. If you're not sure where the letter is, then you may be able to access them from the app you use to request repeat prescriptions. For example, you can find your codes in your account setting pages in Patient Access.

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