Why did my medical record fail to link?
It's frustrating, we know. And we're sorry it's happened. Below are a few common reasons why this might have happened.
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Your GP Practice is not using EMIS

Currently, Nye can only connect to GP practices who are using an electronic record management system called EMIS. EMIS covers roughly 70% of practices but unfortunately, if yours is not covered, you won’t be able to access your medical record yet. We're working really hard to get other systems added and will update users as soon as they're available.

You are based outside of England

Currently this service is only available via NHS England. We’re working with NHS services in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and will update this article once our timeline is available there.

Code input error

If you are based in England and your GP practices uses EMIS, then best to try typing it in once more, just to make sure. It's also worth noting that the fields are case sensitive. It might help to write them out on a piece of paper and have it handy as you go through the process again.

If none of these sounds quite right or you have something you'd like to share with us, then please contact us. We like hearing from you and will be happy to help!

In the meantime, you can still receive telephone or video calls from your practice.

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