We’re really sorry if you were expecting to see something that’s not there. There are a couple of reasons why some things might be missing.

What you’re looking for is not in your GP medical record

Not all information about the healthcare you receive through the NHS goes directly into your GP record.

For instance, out of hours hospital attendances or immunisation by a pharmacy will not be added to it. Equally, your practice will be informed about a hospital admission but it might take a little while for that information to be added to your GP record.

Some information in your GP record might be written in free text (this means handwritten or typed text, such as notes). The NHS link we use to show you your timeline doesn’t pick up free text so unfortunately, you won’t be able to see that information.

If none of those sound right though and you feel something is missing that should be there, you will need to contact your GP practice to check.

Your GP has not given you access to that information

Your GP Practice controls how much, or how little, of your data you’re able to see.

The minimum they are required to provide you access to is information about the medications and allergies, they have listed in your record. They can also provide information about past problems, test results and immunisations as well as access to documents such as discharge letters.

If your GP has not provided you with access to this information, then you will need to get in touch with them and request that they provide this access. We've provided an email template below so you can just copy and paste to make you request.

Email template for requesting increased access


Can you please enable my detailed coded record for allergies, medication, laboratory test results, immunisations and problems?

I have registered for online services with Nye Health app but am only able to see limited information currently.

My details are as follows:


Date of birth:


Best wishes,

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