What is the Nye Health Patient app?

The Nye Health Patient app is a tool that supports your patients to join the conversation around their healthcare.

It enables them to receive video calls from you but it also includes a Timeline of their healthcare history. This can be linked to their electronic medical record so they can keep their accurate healthcare information at their fingertips.

Which of my patients can use this?

Video calls can be made to any patient with a UK mobile number and access to a smartphone. Currently, medical record linkage is only available to patients with Apple devices who are registered with practices in England using EMIS software.

Can clinicians sign up and view their healthcare timeline?

Yes, absolutely!

You can sign up as a patient by downloading the app from the Apple app store. You will need to create a new patient account as you will not be able to use your existing Nye Phone account on the app.

What this means for your practice 🏥

To link an electronic medical record, patients will require their 3 linkage codes (Linkage key, ODS code or practice ID and Account ID). Your practice may see an increase in patients requesting access to “online services” so they can get these codes.

To help patients get the most out of their timeline, please enable detailed coded record for allergies, medication, laboratory test results, immunisations and problems.

Covid Vaccinations 💉

Getting the vaccines out to patients is of vital importance right now. We wanted to find a way to help those who have already had it share that they've had it and to inspire others to do so.

Anyone who’s had the vaccine, can now view it on their timeline and can even share a verified vaccine post to social media to let their loved ones know they’re safe and inspire others to get theirs too.

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